Company profile

Nipponia is a company that has been connected with the motorcycle market for many years. Its name derives from the word “Nippon”, which is the native name of Japan. It reflects the heritage, knowledge and commitment to providing its partners and customers with motorcycles that embrace sophistication and technical know-how.
Nipponia is prominent in the global motorcycle market with the technological know-how that results from a long presence in the field. The company’s main goal is to supply its customers with motorcycles that meet their everyday needs for safe and reliable use, while maintaining a constant presence and offering continuous support.
Nipponia distinguishes itself because each model is characterized by innovative design and unique style, appealing to those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Core values

Innovative design


Value for money


Constant presence & support


Nipponia global footprint

The Nipponia brand, over the last 30 years, has left an indelible mark around the globe.
From distribution or operating centres in Europe, Japan, China, Greece, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, the presence of the brand has spread to many markets worldwide including, but not limited to, Europe and Latin America.

Nipponia Holding & Management S.A., Athens, Greece

Nipponia was established in Athens, Greece in 2006 and its presence there serves multiple purposes. It offers organizational support and coordination on a commercial level to the other Nipponia affiliates around the world.
While operating in each region independently and in harmony with the local conditions, Nipponia S.A. also promotes a uniform image for its brand name on a worldwide basis. In addition to this, Nipponia in Athens, Greece has undertaken to shape the corporate strategy and to define ways of implementing it.
Nipponia has an aggressive business plan, aiming to penetrate into new national markets, strengthen its existing market presence and enrich the product range to cover the needs of the everyday consumer, while maintaining a competitive price range.
Its global customer network is mainly in Europe and Latin America but also extends to other regions.

Nipponia Caribe Srl, Sto Domingo, Dominican Republic

Nipponia in the Dominican Republic works out of St. Domingo. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters supplied from selected partner manufacturers are distributed to all areas of the country through major regional distributors.
Managerial, commercial and technical Nipponia personnel, all dedicated to the full support of the Nipponia regional distributors and the end users, are a mainstay of the sound distribution and support system that has contributed to making Nipponia a dominant presence there.


  • Nipponia is one of the most recognizable brands in the Dominican market.
  • Nipponia has been present and active in the Dominican Rep. market for 24 years. 

Capetown S.A., Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Nipponia in Central America was established in 2018 in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. It distributes Nipponia motorcycles and scooters. The primary aim is to penetrate the local market and establish the Nipponia brand on a national level. The Guatemalan market, being the largest in Central America, is considered a portal providing access to other Central American markets.

Trade & Traffic Plus B.V., Wezep, Holland

The company was founded in 1995, when Jan Moesker collaborated with Taiwanese PGO as the importer/distributor for the Dutch market.
In recent years, Trade & Traffic has also focused on niche segments of the market with the sales of in-house modified mobility scooters and 3-wheelers.
Trade & Traffic merged under the Nipponia umbrella with a goal of expanding an already existing European sales network. The merger was finalized in early 2019 and the company was re-named as Trade & Traffic Plus B.V.
Trade & Traffic Plus B.V. has focused much of its planning on various electric models staying ahead of the trend that is expanding speedily throughout central European markets.

Nipponia Shanghai Ltd., Shanghai, China

Since 2006, Nipponia has established a presence in Shanghai, China. Nipponia personnel in Shanghai consists mainly of engineers, specialized in various fields of expertise.
The role of this branch is to further raise the quality level of the Nipponia products by closely monitoring production and assembly procedures. Additionally, independent services are offered to our clientele around the globe with an aim to further facilitate their transactions or investments in China.
The purpose of the Shanghai branch is threefold:

  1. To act as an intermediary between suppliers and the headquarters. Communication pertains to matters such as quality issues, component selection and supply, production improvement and alterations as well as logistical issues.
  2. To seek out new suppliers who are able to meet our stringent quality demands.
  3. To offer independent consulting services.